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By Jasmeen K. - August 29, 2016

"I never call this as a struggle but a kind of challenge" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 18 Aug 16)

"Every step I take is a lesson so I will never blame myself for what I've done" (Jasmeen K.'s Quota - 22 Aug 16)

"I don't wanna be the best among the others, I just wanna be the best in me" (Jasmeen K.'s Quota - 24 Aug 16)

"The best freedom is being what you are"  (Jasmeen K.'s Quota - 26 Aug 16)

"Be friendly with the time because it will never fly back"  (Jasmeen K.'s Quota - 29 Aug 16)

"This tiredness will be a silent proof of the beautiful story in the future" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 30 Aug 16) 

"You may cry over the night for the majestic pains you feel but remember, you have a full right to put a pretty smile on the world in the morning" (Jasmeen K.'Quote - 31 Aug 16)

"Be proud of your choice. No body walks in your shoes" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 01 Sept 16)

"Keep walking! You are in the middle of the God scenario" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 02 Sept 16)

"You may look back into your past, not for drowning in it, but to make it better in future" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 03 Sept 16)

"We were looking at the same direction and we are still. No matter the distance separates us, we never change as we were. It is because our heart are bound as a TRUE RELATIONSHIP" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 04 Sept 16)

"The owner of your happiness is yourself" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 05 Sept 16)

"Maybe you are a slave at this world but you are a KING on your own whole universe. You are worth at all" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 06 Sept 16)

"Sometimes, pretend to be strong is a mask to survive" (Jasmeen K.'s Quote - 10 March 18)

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